DTLA to Carlsbad / by Julia Walck

I'm about to talk about some flowers again. Who knew there were so many flower fields in Southern California, right? 

Anyways, it's the second to last weekend of the Carlsbad flower fields and man are they good. I swear, it's like they go on for days. They plant the seeds so they grow in strips of orange, yellow, pink, purple, white... pretty much any color you can think of. 

If you don't have a chance to catch 'em this year, definitely put it on your 2015 to-do list. 

Carlsbad is a bit of a drive from Los Angeles, but that's why you go with good company and stop for Handsome's coffee on the drive back, right? Mateo Street is always a bit nostalgic for me. Close to FIDM, and literally down the street from my old internship. We'd walk over, get our coffee (black) and then go back to design our little hearts out. 

The graffiti in the area is always awesome. Big collaborative pieces, as well as typographic designy gems such as this. We also found a yellow wall... which if you couldn't figure it out by now is my favorite color.